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GableMaster vents are ideal for new home builders or renovators and can be used on all types of materials; timber, steel, cladding or brick.

Wall Vents for Australian Climates

GableMasters USA made Gable Vents cool your roof by encouraging air flow which reduces interior temperatures (featuring a larger venting area than industry standards require), whilst ‘dressing up’ gable ends better than other alternatives.

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Designer Round Gable Vent

Leading the way.

GableMaster Vents have more venting than industry standards

Insect ready.

Fully screened face for superior insect and rodent protection 


Double baffle system for increased weather resistance.


Protected by our unprecedented 40 year limited warranty.

Why choose us

Protect your home with Australia's Leading Gable Vents.

GableMaster Vents allow your roof to ventilate naturally by encouraging airflow throughout your roof, helping to relieve heat and moisture from your roof space.

Our USA made Gable Vents offer more venting than industry standards, allowing for maximum venting, even for low profile roof spaces.

All our Gable Vents are fully screened for superior insect and rodent protection, allowing for a healthier roof space, and helping eliminate the introduction of birds and timber eating insects compared to other roof venting systems.

All our Gable Vents come with a double baffle system that combats wind driven rain and ensures a dry roof space is maintained.

All protected by a 40 year limited warranty, it is easy to see why GableMaster exterior wall vents are the product of choice for Australian homes.

The GableMaster Difference

GableMaster offers a variety of vents that can be used for functional or decorative applications.

Our patented Snap-On Trim Ring, wide nailing flange and other features make it quick and easy to hide rough cuts.

Large ventilation areas help reduce energy costs by maintaining proper air flow and are resistant to insects and other pests.

Gable Vent System

Due to stage 4 COVID-19 restrictions in Melbourne, our office is closed and is working from home via email. The warehouse is still operating with skeleton staff so please bear with us whilst we do our best to get the orders out. For all enquiries please contact us at [email protected]

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